Defining what a mentor is (and what it isn't) with teen moms can be tricky! While we seek to model Christ-like loving relationships, healthy relationships are foreign to so many of the moms we work with. Clorrisa Brooks shares what her club has done in an effort to define the role of a mentor: 

We use this sign (pictured above) every week. We always have it sitting somewhere. We have used it by talking through what the girls think the word mentor means and then (mentors) bringing some different words into it. These are the words the leadership team eventually agreed upon. :) There are many more we could have added but didn't have room for.

M - mom, meaningful, moving forward
E - empowering, encouraging
N - nurturing, non-judgemental
T - together, trustworthy
O - open hearts, obedient, one-anothering
R - real, respectful, relationships

Thanks for sharing, Clorrisa!

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