Thanking Childcare Volunteers

Looking for fun ways to thank your regular or camp childcare volunteers? Here are five fun ideas:
  1. Pocket tissue packs with a tag that says "Your service is nothing to sneeze at"
  2. Travel mugs filled with little goodies like nail polish, Starbucks via packs, tissues, chapstick, gum, and a thank-you card.
  3. Thank you cards written by teen moms.
  4. Washcloths or water bottles with a tag that says "He who refreshes others will himself be refreshed"
  5. An enlarged picture of the teen moms and babies in your group, in a simple frame (think Dollar Tree!) decorated by a teen mom.

FREE Training Videos for YoungLives

Did you know that you can have FREE access to the Netflix of Christian Bible studies, teachers, kids' shows, and online trainings? Yep, it's true! Through a contract with RightNow Media, Young Life has created it's own online training portal, called YL Access. Every Young Life staff person and volunteer is eligible for his or her own account, which gives them unlimited access to literally thousands of Christian videos and video series on everything from parenting to YoungLives-specific training. Want to watch Matt Chandler? Veggie Tales? Jen Hatmaker? Some of your very own YoungLives co-workers? They're all there!

Don't miss out - ask your local Young Life or YoungLives staff person about getting access... to Access!

YoungLives Thank You Cards

Did you know that you can order YoungLives Thank You cards from the service center? It's true! As you think of thanking volunteers, or as a way to keep in touch with donors, make sure to order some for your area! This would also be a great way of thanking donors who are sponsoring girls at camp; just have the teen mom write a note inside and you're all set. 

Have another way you've said "THANK YOU!!" that you want to share? We love spreading the word on creative ideas. Email amy ( with photos and a brief description.

Survey Says: Infographics from The National Campaign

The National Campaign has done loads of research about teens, sex, and teen pregnancy. Right now, there are quite a few downloadable infographics full of interesting stats. (How faith affects teen pregnancy rates, for example.) While not all might apply to your work in YoungLives, there is some interesting studies and results! You might find this helpful in raising community awareness and training volunteers. 

Remember, this isn't YoungLives specific material. Use what you think might be helpful. Have questions? Contact your Regional or Divisional Coordinator for more guidance. The YL Service Center has some great materials that ARE YoungLives specific. You can order them through the staff site. (Make sure to check out the YLVS Case Statement. This is a great resource and tool for approaching potential donors and volunteers!)

Free Decor Downloads!

Looking for some ultra cool club decor? Check out these free printables from The Alison Show. These would up the hip factor of a year end club, Campaigner brunch, or any other year end event you're hosting. Plus, we totally agree: moms rule!


Defining what a mentor is (and what it isn't) with teen moms can be tricky! While we seek to model Christ-like loving relationships, healthy relationships are foreign to so many of the moms we work with. Clorrisa Brooks shares what her club has done in an effort to define the role of a mentor: 

We use this sign (pictured above) every week. We always have it sitting somewhere. We have used it by talking through what the girls think the word mentor means and then (mentors) bringing some different words into it. These are the words the leadership team eventually agreed upon. :) There are many more we could have added but didn't have room for.

M - mom, meaningful, moving forward
E - empowering, encouraging
N - nurturing, non-judgemental
T - together, trustworthy
O - open hearts, obedient, one-anothering
R - real, respectful, relationships

Thanks for sharing, Clorrisa!

C.A.M.P. Sign

Looking for a visual way to have girls commit to going to camp? A couple of the greater Grand Rapids Coordinators started using the C.A.M.P. poster at each club. "C" stands for commitment, "A" for acts (girls perform service projects to earn credit towards camp), "M" for camp payment, "P" for paperwork (usually done in the form of a paper party where everyone gathers to complete paperwork in one location.) This is a great way to keep putting camp in front of girls, and for them to see who else is signed up! 

Thanks Sarah, Jenny, Missy, and Kendahl for sharing this idea!

Club Idea: "Man Panel"

The following club idea comes from our friends in Henderson, Kentucky. They used the idea of a "Man Panel" at their Valentine's Club... but I think it would well at any club throughout the year! 

"For our Valentine’s Club we serve the girls a nice meal with candlelight; we escort them into the dining room, give them a rose, “take them on a date”. We don’t really do a craft or very many games because panel is so long. Once we’re done with the meal, we go into club and have some singing and introduce our 4 men (all different ages, race, vocation...even a high school guy!). During dinner we encouraged the girls to use the blank notecards around the table to write down questions they would ask a man about love, sex, feelings, spirituality, relationships...anything they want to know but feel like they don’t get the straight answers about in their lives. We also have some pre-designed questions that we feel like need to be spoken to the girls that we already have in the bucket. So after introducing the panel guests, our MC (one of the leaders) will begin by some brief introductions and then asking questions. It has been sooooo amazing what the girls have asked! Innocent and revealing.

Some of our sample questions are:

1.       How will you/or did you “know” when you were in love?
2.       Do you think having sex shows that you love someone?
3.       What do you “look for” in a woman? (this one got some laughter from the audience because the girls always think this question means legs, booty, smile, etc…)
4.       Does the way a girl/woman looks affect how you feel about her?
5.       Did you abstain before marriage/are you planning to?
6.       Define beautiful.
7.       How do you define sex?

And the list goes on and on, but you get the idea. The girls always amaze us at their insight and intelligent questions. And yes, there are the inevitable inappropriate questions. First year we were 10 shades of red after reading one of the girls’ questions, and we did not ask it.

We like to end by thanking the men, praying over them and the girls. There is not much in the way of open discussion, that way we keep it under control. That’s why we went with cards."

Thank you Jen Gardner for sharing this! Have a club (or otherwise) idea that you want to share? Email Amy at to submit your idea. It could appear on the blog!