Teen moms surprised at Love Field with trip to Disneyworld!

Oh my goodness, we LOVE this story! What a sweet, sweet demonstration of God's goodness and love for us. Way to go, Carrollton YoungLives!

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Discipleship... Exclusively for Teen Moms!

YoungLives has a great track record for introducing teen moms to a relationship with Christ. But we can't stop there! If we can get the next piece - discipleship - right, then there is incredible potential for seeing lives transformed - and not only the moms' lives, but their children's lives as well. 

So here it is – a practical discipleship tool for teen moms that can be used in groups and and in one-on-one times! Made New: Faith Conversations for Teen Moms explores over 30 relevant Bible stories that challenge teen moms towards a new way of thinking about their identity and the way that they handle everyday issues like friendship, sexuality, conflict, finances and parenting. Lessons include object lessons, conversation starters, video illustrations and even coloring pages to help teens of all developmental, grade, and interest levels to engage with the Bible in a new way. 

The book is broken down into four sections to address the four most important connections in a teen mom’s life:
• Self – growing her relationship with God.
• Child – learning to parent well.
• Others – developing healthy relationships with parents, friends, and baby daddies.
• World – finding her place at church, in school, and in the workplace

Made New: Faith Conversations for Teen Moms is the perfect leader's guide for a small group Bible study or Campaigners group

Made New: My Journal is packed with ways for teen moms and their leaders to apply the group lessons during one-on-one time or on their own

Order your copies here! http://resourcesandsupplies.younglife.org/product-p/1174-made-new.htm

Quincy YoungLives Director Earns Award

Congratulations to YoungLives director Dana Caley, on being given the Phoenix Award by the Quincy, IL YWCA at their annual "Voice for All Women" program. Way to represent!

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North Idaho Starting YoungLives this Fall!

Whoop, whoop! Great interview with Molly Starch of North Idaho - and so fun to hear that YoungLives is starting there this fall. Get the full interview here.

YoungLives Provides Hope for Teen Moms in Lewisville-Flower Mound

This is called good press: "Rather than simply helping teenage mothers by tossing diapers at them and saying good luck, a local group called YoungLives utilizes a different approach."

Way to go, Lewisville-Flower Mound YoungLives!

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Does YoungLives Work? Survey Says.... Yes!

In an external survey taken by over 2,000 teen moms involved in YoungLives, the results are clear. Involvement in YoungLives - and particularly, involvement with a YoungLives mentor - produces deep, meaningful, and far-reaching change. Just take a look at a few of these graphics pulled from the YoungLives Impact Report (available for download or purchase here).

The survey concludes that:
The data confirms that YoungLives' method of putting relationships first - and giving teen moms a chance to give back - is working. From increased educational attainment and aspirations, to improved parenting skills, to a new sense of hope and purpose and a strong support system - YoungLives is making it possible for teen moms to beat the odds and build a secure future for themselves and their children. Not only do young moms gain a group of peers and mentors to help them navigate a daunting path, but they find value, meaning, and hope along the way. And that makes all the difference. 
YoungLives staff and volunteers can access the entire PowerPoint presentation of the findings here, complete with take-aways about strengthening mentor relationships, deepening faith conversations, and diversifying the racial/ethnic make-up of YoungLives staff and volunteers. 

Photo Scavenger Hunt

Summer is a great time for fun, social events that keep girls connected to each other and to you. Without regular events, it's easy to lose touch and for the group to start feeling disconnected. Here are a couple of pre-made YoungLives photo scavenger hunts to use or edit with your own personalized activities. It's guaranteed to be fun and refreshing - and the bonus is that you will collect lots of fun pictures (and memories!) from the event. You could even bring the kids along on this one and get some cute pictures of them, too. A picture of a couple toddlers on the floor making the word "MOM"? Too cute to pass up!

Q&A with Carroll County's new YoungLives Coordinator

Making waves in Carroll County. Read the full story here!