Family Tree Campaigners' Exercise

The purpose of this lesson is to help your student take a look at the generational issues, or generational sin that has been affecting their families for years. Often, the issues in our lives can be inherited. As believers in Christ, we have the opportunity to break these patterns not only for our lives, but for our children's lives as well.

How do we do this? Well first you must gather as much information as possible on your family. With the help of your leader and parents, create your family tree.

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Next, using different colored lines, draw "relationship arrows" between family members on a copy of the original family tree. Try to get a sense of the strengths and weaknesses in the family. Finally, try to identify generational issues or sins in family members and see if it has any correlation to relationships, divorce, death. In the example given, alcoholism seemed to plague many people in Brett's family tree. What does this tell Brett for his future? For his kids? What can he do to discourage these patterns from continuing?

(Click picture to view printable version)

This lesson should be done with close trusted leaders and family. Click for a Printable Lesson Plan.

Shared by Brett Hall-Tri City Young Life

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