Boo Boo Bunny Craft

Boo Boo Bunnies are a super-easy and super-cute craft!! All that is needed per craft is a washcloth, two googly eyes, two pom poms, one foot of 1/4" ribbon, one rubber band, craft glue, and if desired one plastic re-usable has a great set of detailed instructions with clear pictures...check them out here. Just in case that link disappears I will describe how to do it as well.

Step 1) Fold the wash cloth in half to make a triangle.
Step 2) Roll the wash cloth, starting at the point.
Step 3) Fold the roll in half.
Step 4) Fold in half again--taking the two points (these will be the bunny ears) and folding them back over the rest of the roll.
Step 5) Holding the roll tightly, wrap the rubber band around the last fold made. Make sure it is snug. The portion in front of the rubber band is the bunny face.
Step 6) Pull up and fluff the points (bunny ears).
Step 7) Embellish! Glue the eyes one and one pom pom for a nose and one for the tail. Wrap the ribbon to cover the rubber band and tie a bow.
Step 8) The re-usable ice cube can be tucked in the bunny's body. Place in the freezer for when needed! If not using the re-usable ice cube, just place an ice cube in the middle when needed.

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