Christmas Thank You

This is a video that we put together last Christmas for donors. We burned the video to DVDs and mailed them in Christmas cards. Feel free to use it and do the same or take the idea and make it your own!

Quick how to:

  • Make signs with paper and markers with what you want to say 
  • Hand them to girls and get short shots (about 5-10 seconds each) at your YoungLives events
  • Use a simple video camera or digital camera that does video
  • If you have a Mac with iMovie or a PC with Windows Movie Maker you can upload your videos and compile all of these shots into a short video. 
  • Save the file and burn to a blank DVD.
If you like the idea of this, but it seems overwhelming... cry out to a friend who is "techy" and gets this stuff and ask them to help you!

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